Turnout Areas

Turnout Areas

One of the most common uses for our E40 and E50 grids is for turnout areas. Horses need space to run free all year round and without some ground stabilisation this is near impossible.

Turnout is very important in maintaining the health of horses through exercise, play and social interaction with other horses.
The turnout areas are often in muddy states due to constant use and lack of living grass.
Regular exercise encourages natural growth for hooves, and being in the stall is not enough, that’s why turnout areas are crucial.
For this reason, keeping the turnout area clean and dry will make sure your horse is happy.

The Suitable Grids

Out of EquiGrids range, E40 and E50 are the two most suitable grids. EquiGrids E40 has a wall height of 4mm and a thickness of 3.6mm. Whereas EquiGrids E50 has a wall height of 5mm with a thickness of 7mm, makes it the strongest grid in the range.
We also provide EquiGrids curing pieces to change the direction of the grid, which will be very useful for building horse walkers.

Once laid the EquiGrids reinforce the ground while also letting the grass grow and water to drain freely. Making for a perfect looking and perfectly functional area for your use.

A bonus of having the grids in place is the area will also be trafficked, so any maintenance or access is not an issue over this area.


As with all of our EquiGrids, they are guaranteed for 20 years, properly tested, backed by years of case studies and made from 100% recycled plastic. The safe and environmental choice versus traditional build methods.