The EquiGrids flow system is used when there is a particular concern about drainage on your land. You may live in a valley that floods, you may suffer with heavy clay or the area where you want to site your arena or manege simply drains poorly. The EquiGrids flow system is the first layer that goes down in your installation. A 500mm deep layer of our crates are laid on and wrapped in a strong geotextile membrane. A darainage layer of a minimum 100mm is laid on the top of this system, then goes in another membrane layer, the screed layer and finally the Ecogrid EquiGrids surface of choice. This way you can be assured of a free draining and natural riding surface all year round.

We can guarantee that not only is this system far superior to other similar systems on the market but it is also cheaper. Win Win! Allow us to demonstrate this to you and offer a free quotation and remember, we have been involved in the supply, design and installation of this product for over ten years.

EquiGrids | raincatcher water collection crate