About Us

We know that the best riders demand the best products. For this reason, we chose EquiGrids as our product range. This range of specialised equestrian grids have been developed over a period of two decades to form the basis of a free draining and stable riding surface. If you want more stiffness, we have a grid for that, if you want more flexibility, again, we have a grid for that.

EquiGrids | Grass Infill Horse Arena Installation

Our team have been around both the equestrian sector & construction sector for many decades.

Grassed paddocks with no mud or bare patches…no problem. Horse walker in a complete circle, again; no problem. With an unrivalled supply of unique accessories to join the range, you are in good hands with us. Euqigrids are the patented unique equine grid system made in Germany that is the number ONE selling equine grid for all manner of equestrian needs in Europe, the USA and Canada. The grids in their various forms can be used throughout the whole equestrian field, taking everything they are used for to a new level of quality, durability and permeability.

From Gallops, maneges, competition arenas, turn out paddocks to wash areas horse walkers, gate ways, driveways, car parks, trot-up areas and rubberized flooring. EquiGrids are the future. They all interlink and have an
unheard of 21 year product warranty are easy and economical to lay and once down for whatever use will provide a permeable virtually maintenance free, cost effective and durable surface unmatched by anything else on the market.


100% Permeable

Increase your surface permeability by up to 100%

20 Year Guarantee

A full, no quibble 20 year guarantee on all supplied grids

28 Years History

Well, we’ve been supplying this product since 1994, that is 28 years now!