Car Parking & Access Routes

Car Parking

EquiGrids E40 and E50 are both suitable for a car park. Depending on the weight loading and appearance, there are two car park styles to choose from, grass-filled car park and gravel-filled car park.

Grass-filled paving grids give a natural feeling and make the car park more lively. EquiGrids E40 with grass filled will be able to carry up to …tonnes, and for EquiGrids E50 would be …tonnes.

Gravel-filled paving grids have a larger carrying load than grass-filled. This is because… EquiGrids E40 with gravel-filled will be able to carry up to 500 tonnes, and for EquiGrids E50 would be 800+ tonnes.

Access Routes

Temporary events are usually hosted in a large field. The field might not be used as a venue previously, which means the ground is highly unlikely to be reinforced. All the traffic from the event will damage the ground.

Installing EquiGrids to add extra strength to the ground with free drainage so that rain won’t affect the performance.

Instead of covering the whole area, installing just the essential paths with geotextile membranes and EquiGrids is the most effective and cost-efficient way to protect the ground quickly.

S50 grids. Arrive as 12 grids or 1.33 square metres already locked together so fitting is very swift and simple.

As with all of our EquiGrids, they are guaranteed for 20 years, properly tested, backed by years of case studies and made from 100% recycled plastic. The safe and environmental choice versus traditional build methods.