Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane

Non-Woven Geotextile Fabric NW8

Specialist For Filtration & Separation

Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane

100 Grams Per Square Meter



Multitrack NW8 100gsm is the most common of our non-woven geotextile membranes. It is designed for filtration and separation applications, such as:

  • equestrian; horse arenas, paddocks etc
  • road construction
  • french drains, trench lining
  • preventative measure against weeds
  • soakaway and attenuation tank wrapping
  • driveways

All NW products are thermally bonded to provide a durable, tough fabric which has proven to be one of the highest quality general purpose membranes on the market.

As well as the standard 100gsm, we offer up to 1000gsm and every specification in-between, with varying roll sizes and thickness. At EcoGrid our geotextile membranes can be made to order so if you have a certain requirement just let us know.

EcoGrid Ltd are unique in offering cut rolls at 2.25 x 100m, 1.125 x 100m, 2.25 x 20m or 2.25 x 10m to meet client requirements.

If you have any queries either call us on 0151 639 4281 or email, for quantity orders, specialist products or technical advice.

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