EcoGrid Permeable Paving E50 Grid

EquiGrids E50



Equigrids E50 is the absolute strongest ground reinforcement grid we have to offer. We can assure you it will be able to handle absolutely anything you you throw at it.

Availability: From stock ready for same day deapatch.

Colour: Black (available in green, terracotta)


Each tile is 330mm x 330mm x 50mm high with a wall thickness of 7mm. Withstanding a load of 800 tonnes/sqm when unfilled, E50 is ideal for commercial traffic applications where a high degree of point loading and lateral loading is required. One square metre weighs approximately 9.55kg and is made from 100% recycled polyethylene

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1m2, 10m2, 20m2, 50m2 (Full Pallet)

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