The Raincatcher Aquaflow arena construction

Free drainage ground that leaves you no puddles.

We get a lot of requests from our clients to supply an arena that, when constructed, is guaranteed to be dry all year round and has no chance of surface water collecting.

This is why we are now offering the Raincatcher Aquaflow arena system which features:

  • A cost effective riding arena tried and tested throughout Europe
  • A riding surface supplied to suit your riding needs
  • The World famous Ecogrid Elastic tread layer and drainage support layer
  • A free draining arena designed to be guaranteed not to show surface water
  • A qualified installation surface featuring:
    1.  A free survey and consultation service
    2. Quality of installation from experienced installers
    3. On-going maintenance schedule

So what is the system?

A. A tread layer of your choice, rubber shred, sand, waxed surface etc.

B. Ecogrid S50 elastic support layer (permeable).

C. Free draining sharp sand cushioning layer to bed the grids on to.20mm

D. Geotextile membrane layers

E. Clear stone drainage layer 500mm.

F. Raincatcher infiltration system wrapped in a geotextile membrane

G. Free draining clean stone layer

The system includes a silt trap pre-arena to facilitate keeping the Raincatcher infiltration system clean.

Additional options:

Option 1

We are the manufacturers of the Raincatcher rainwater harvesting products and can supply the Speidel underground rainwater harvesting tanks which collect rainwater that would normally fall on to any roof and then add to surface water problems. The Rainwater is filtered and collected in these tanks ready to be used for all aspects of animal drinking water, and wash down areas.

Option 2

We are the sole supplier of the EcoGrid Bloxx system for access routes and wash down areas. A free draining system that is both cost effective and easy to fit, needing no additional tools to fit and is cement and silica sand free.

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