Project On Driveway/Turnout Area By Stockdale Fencing Ltd

Is multi-purpose equine usage as good as it sounds?

An equestrian centre has many areas to look after horses, keeping them healthy and active. Such as stables, paddocks, horse walkers, turnout areas etc. Instead of having an area for each thing, why not combine some together to save time and money? Just like the following project.

The Project

Stockdale Fencing Ltd has purchased and installed EquiGrid E50 as the sub-base for an outdoor area where it will be used as a driveway and equine turnout area.  EquiGrid E50 is the strongest permeable paving grid in the range due to its 800 tonnes of carrying load when filled. It is more than capable of dealing with heavy-duty vehicles if required.

In addition, all EquiGrid tiles have interlocking sections to secure them together, so the installation is quick and effortless. Even the heavy-duty vehicles going over them won’t break them apart.

As for the infills, they have certain areas filled with gravel infill and the rest with grass infill. The combination of both gave it a better look, the grass infills will be more comfortable for horses.

All image credit: Stockdale Fencing Ltd

Benefit From Multi-Purpose Usage

Multi-purpose usage areas can save you money since you only need to install one area; do less maintenance work, and save space. Or instead of having two decent size areas, you can have one massive area to carry out all activities comfortably.

On the other hand, you are operating multiple tasks in the same area so it might get busy, ensuring there is enough space for your daily tasks is important. Also, you should consider all the area’s purposes and ensure the ground can meet those needs.

If we use Stockdale Fencing Ltd project as an example, the ground needs to be strong enough to hold different vehicles’ weights as a driveway, yet comfortable and in good condition for horses to walk on as a turnout area.

Unfortunately, not every equestrian centre suits this method. Do some research and consider all options at the planning stage to find the most suitable way for you.

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