Horse walker in EcoGrid in Dorset

A breakdown on building a reinforced horse walker.

We were at the Alexanders horse box Scope Showjumping show this year and were approached by a client who wished to put in a horse-walker at his property.

Phil had the quote in for the fence part from Monarch equestrian but found the quoted base somewhat pricey! He wanted a base that was free draining, durable, kind to a horse and cost effective. We worked our delivered costs for him then and there, getting the radius of the base and working out specific quantities and delivered costs direct to site. Phil was happy to work with the Monarch team, carrying out the work himself with some assistance.

1. The area was excavated and a free draining base was put down.
3. The fence goes in-and the bedding sand course goes in.
5. The grids are filled with-free draining sharp sand.
2. Footings were put in to later secure the-fence and walker machinery.
4. The EcoGrid/EquiGrids go down really easily with the unique curving pieces.
6. Horse walker reinforced.

Done! And at a saving of around £2000.00 when compared to more traditional surfacing. More information to follow

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