Hoove Health Is Important!

Horse Hoove Health

Here at EquiGrids we are big advocates for mainting your horses hoove health. After all the hooves are what keeps your horse walking, if theyre hoove health deteriorates then it will  mean higher vet bills, possibly reducing the horses life span and just making its life overrall a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

This is where EquiGrids reinforcement grids come in to play. With the use of our grids you can prevent your horses from developing mud fever.
The main cause of mud fever being forcing your horse to walk through deep dirty mud where bacteria and parasites are prone to live this will inevitably weaken your horses immune system and give it thinner skin from the abrasiveness of the mud. You never know whats lying in the mud.

Another good reason to to use our grids is simply to keep your horses out of the constant coldness of the ground surface mud. If you were to keep your horses in the mud all day long for days at a time it willreduce the horses body temperature which in turn lowers the blood circulation rate around your horse which can result in your horse cramping up when being taken out which could resuklt in injuy for yourself or your poor horse.


There are a plethora of other reasons why maintainging hoove health is incredibly important but ive just presented a few if youd like to find out more please check our social meda pages here
and see what you think. We look forward to seeing you become a part of the EquiGrids family!