Building An Indoor Horse Arena

Are you tired of the weather always interrupting your training? An indoor horse arena might be the one.

A well-reinforced ground is very beneficial in the long run, in terms of arena maintenance and hoof health. Although the ground for indoor horse arenas doesn’t need to deal with weather matters like heavy rain or snow, you still need to make sure the ground is sturdy for your usage.

Indoor Horse Arena Construction

Firstly, the topsoil or any surface materials are removed to reveal the natural soil underneath, which will be the sub-base, a foundation to work on. Since you are prepping for an indoor horse arena, do level the sub-base flat.

Once the sub-base is prepared, a layer of the non-woven geotextile membrane is laid and covered with angular stone. The non-woven geotextile membrane is a separation layer to prevent materials from seeping through and making the sub-base uneven. Follow by woven geotextile membranes to provide more strength.

If you are going to use your horse arena frequently at the competition level, we would recommend installing EquiGrids paving for extra reinforcement. Otherwise, you can apply your choice of tread layer.

A properly laid tread layer is essential because it is your footing that provide cushion to hooves. A good footing can reduce the risk of riding injuries. Also, make sure the tread layer has fully covered the underlayer to avoid contact between horses and membranes.

Benefits of An Indoor Horse Arena

A fully enclosed indoor arena might be more expensive than a covered outdoor horse arena, however, it does give advantages that a covered outdoor horse arena couldn’t deliver.

An indoor horse arena has a separate climate from the outside.

An indoor arena is generally cooler than the outdoor temperature, this issue can be solved by having an insulated enclosed arena.

An indoor horse arena has a low-maintenance footing.

Since the surface won’t be impacted by the weather, the owner just has to make sure the surface is in good form after use.

You can use the indoor horse arena 24/7

An enclosed arena means the rider can use the arena even when the weather is not good. The arena is fitted with lights, so the rider can keep using the arena after sundown.

Horse Arena Packages

EquiGrids offers three types of horse arena packages, each package includes three sizes: 20m x 40m, 20m x 60m and 30m x 40m.

If you want your horse arena in a different size or have any questions, please contact us at