3 Reasons Why You Should Reinforce Your Equine Ground

Reason 1

why you should always reinforce the ground on your general equine walking areas is to prevent ruts forming in the ground that can cause puddles. The big issue with ruts is that weeds and poisonous plants thrive on poorly upkept pastures this can be detrimental to your horses health for relatively obvious reasons aswell as any other animals that may be wandering around your equine area.
Having deep and soggy mud on your pastures can also be a huge burden to horses, it means they have to work a lot harder just to move aswell as having mud stick to their hooves and forcing them to carry extra weight, this could be especially dangerous in older horses as theire joints are already deteriorating so forcing them to trudge through deep mud would just make them deteriorate even faster.

Reason 2

to reinforce your horse walking areas is to keep the ground level, for all kinds of usage. Our grids will keep the ground level no matter what the ground is being used for so no more trucks churning up your ground and struggling to walk through with your horse. As well as not having to worry about your ground being churned up you no longer have to worry about the ground forming ruts and becoming a mini marshland as with our grids they provide a permeable surface meaning all rain fall and liquid can run straight through the grids and into the ground without causing ground movement. This ultimately means a safer surface for you and your horses and less potential slips and trips for your everyone and everything.

Reason 3

to utilise our grids is to create a comfier and more utiliseable walking area for your horses. With all the reasons stated above i doubt your suprised to find that our grids provide a comfier walking area for horses giving them much more support and grip when walknig then if it were just blank ground.