What makes Equigrids a game changer for Equestrian construction?


Equigrids are the patented unique equine grid system made in Germany that are the number ONE selling equine grid for all manner of equestrian needs in Europe, the USA and Canada. The grids in their various forms can be used throughout the whole equestrian field, taking everything they are used for to a new level of quality, durability and permeability.

From Gallops, maneges, competition arenas, turn out paddocks to wash areas horse walkers, gate ways, drive ways, car parks, trot-up areas and rubberised flooring – Equigrids are the future.

They all interlink and have an unheard of 21 year product warranty,​ are easy and economical to lay and once down for whatever use will provide a permeable virtually maintenance free, cost effective and durable surface unmatched by anything else on the market.

Where they are a particular game changer is their use under gallops and manage tread surfaces where they promote natural horse movement. This is thanks to the high degree of elasticity and good grip, offering the horse an excellent reliable ground surface. The extreme impact loads from horses’ hooves are especially well absorbed by all the grids but particularly the ​Equigrid ​S50 which has ​over 200 curved bars/m2 providing ​even ​more elasticity. ​Unlike conventional ground grids with straight bars that stay rigid when loaded, the elastic bars of Equigrids always resume their original shape, are crack-proof and withstand frost (maximum -65°C) as well as extreme heat. In this way, physical movement is rendered more forgiving, pleasant and safer so the horses become more motivated and stay sounder. By using an appropriate tread layer, you can boost this positive effect further.

For example:

Used for the first time in the UK under the temporary surface provided by Equestrian Surfaces at the Scope Festival this year in the International arena, Equigrids ​transformed the tread surface.

The successful application led to positive comments from the riders that it was:

Equigrids for Equestrian construction

In the Hallsal electrical 1.25m tour

Zoe Adams Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Very bouncy great push off and stability
Humaid Al Muhairi (UAE) Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Very very good, a real surprise
Tim Gredley Quote Symbol - Testimonials
A very good true surface
Nigel Coupe Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Very very good
Sheik Hasan Al Khalifa Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Unbelievable so stable he was glad he did not fall off on it
Nicola Barry Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Absolutely brilliant surface
Louise Saywell Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Very pressed with surface it is as good as any in Europe
Louise Whitaker Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Felt unbelievably secure and stable especially at speed round the corners

In the Alexander’s Horseboxes 1.45m big tour

Emily Fenton Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Much better than anything else in this country
Christie Pritchard Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Best temporary surface she has jumped on
Pippa Godard Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Loved it because it does not move under your feet
Simon Buckley Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Jumped very well, very good
Anastasia Gamazova (Russia) Quote Symbol - Testimonials
It’s really good, more like surfaces in Europe more bounce and push
Angelic Von Essen (Sweden) Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Very very good as I have a powerful horse, a little sticky for smaller less powerful horses
Lucinda Roach Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Very good and uniform to jump on
Emma Stoker Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Fantastic, best she has ridden on


As evidenced by our latest Case Studies, other recent Equigrids applications that have seen great success include:

• A reinforced paddock for a local UK equine agent who could not make use of the paddock for around 50% of the year due to soft ground and muddy conditions, and a similar scenario for a private owner in Germany.

• A reinforced horse walker for Wampen Equestrian Centre in Germany taking advantage of a floor developed to withstand heavy loads, providing horse and owner with ideal conditions underfoot for safer exercise easier on joints.

• An improved riding surface, also for Wampen Equestrian Centre, who now sought a tried and tested, high quality indoor riding surface that Equigrids could offer. Similarly, a Hippodrome riding event required an outdoor surface that could stand up to various loads with the safety of the horse and rider of paramount importance.

• A free draining horse manage for a private owner who seeked a manage constructed with Equigrids, one of thousands of examples across Europe, with the benefit of a firm support layer that ensures that the surface material remains free draining and can be easily changed or cleaned.

• …plus many more!

You can view all of these case studies in full at this link or by clicking the image below.

Equigrids - Case Studies Logo

We think and we know that Equigrids are the way forward – so easy to install and requiring half the work, stone requirements, drainage layers and membranes of conventional gallops and manege construction​!